Diction: Ensuring effective customer focus in a dynamic market environment

How, despite our growth, do we remain agile and close to the customer?

In a globally connected economic environment, the need by companies for multilingual content is constantly growing. While the market volume is rising, competition and cost pressure in the language services sector is increasing as well. The reasons for this include technological progress in the area of machine translation, the consolidation of providers, and the increasingly professional sourcing of language services by business customers. The Swiss translation agency Diction Ltd has recognized the need to act if it wants to continue to see strong growth in the face of increasing competition. For more than two years, the Center for Industrial Marketing has helped the Swiss company to focus consistently on their customers and professionalize its sales in a holistic manner.

open_closed The holistic approach of the project has convinced me. The aim was to develop the company as a whole, not just its sales department. The Center for Industrial Marketing skillfully and consistently helped us to navigate the change process and always kept an eye on the big picture.
Patrick Fassbender, CEO of Diction Ltd