proALPHA: Products and services the way the customer wants it

The Center for Industrial Marketing substantially improves customer acquisition

Which services should a company offer in the different markets to achieve sustainable growth? A central issue that needs to be tackled strategically by the management. proALPHA saw itself facing this exact challenge. As a provider of innovative ERP and CRM solutions for the industry, retail and service companies Codex has huge potential of possible customers.This potential is supposed to be further fulfilled. The Center for Industrial Marketing made this possible with a consulting project regarding customer acquisition.

open_closed Through their support, we gained security and high acceptance within the organization for the new sales approach and we were able to rapidly implement the process change. Besides specialized expertise, the Center for Industrial Marketing distinguishes itself through flexibility and service orientation. Within a very short period of time, a partnership based on trust has been established.
Ralph Schmid, former CEO BU proALPHA Industry