Papyrus reorganizes sales to create added value for customers

Placing the focus on customers and achieving a competitive advantage in a stagnating market

In times of digitization, B2B providers are struggling to set their products apart from those of the competition. Papyrus, a wholesaler of paper and packaging, also recognized that sales and marketing can make the difference in fending off commoditization. The Center for Industrial Marketing supported Papyrus in reorganizing its entire sales segment to focus on its customers’ requirements and enabling its employees to sell added value. To this end, the concept of value-based selling, developed in St. Gallen, was customized for Papyrus – and it has been successful: Papyrus was able to strengthen its position in a stagnant market and secure a long-term competitive advantage.

open_closed We were particularly impressed by how the Center for Industrial Marketing combines knowledge from other industries and the field of science. Our experiences at the workshops and the discussions in the team showed that our employees had the feeling they were all trying to reach a common goal. We have now noticed a new attitude at our company: customers are the focus, and services are designed to ensure added value is created.
Nicole Mamier, ‎HR Director Papyrus Germany GmbH & Co. KG