Ringier AG receives sophisticated and customized marketing case book

The Center for Industrial Marketing empowers Ringier’s employees to deliver outstanding customer performance

The media landscape is going through a phase of rapid transformation. New technologies are disrupting the traditional supply chain. New information no longer just gets collected, prepared, polished and eventually distributed. Instead, with the change in the media landscape, the focus is now more on strategic and conceptual work. It was with this concern that the largest Swiss media corporation Ringier AG approached us. The Center for Industrial Marketing was asked to teach Ringier’s marketing employees the required tools and techniques of conceptual work.

open_closed The workshops and employee trainings were conducted in a very exciting, informative and practical manner. With the Ringier-Casebook, we now have a valuable instrument to tackle conceptual working tasks from this point on forward with various creative approaches and to implement them effectively.
Dr. Nicolas Pernet, Head Marketing Blick Group